12 DIY Woodworking Projects for the Whole Family

Family DIY projects are so much fun, and they’re a great way to bond. Woodworking projects for the family teach your kids new skills and allow you to spend time together away from television and computer screens. There are several great family-friendly woodworking projects that you can do to add some character to your home while having fun with the whole family.

DIY WoodWorking Projects for Family Fun

If you’re looking for ways to get your family involved with DIY projects or just want to spend some time together doing something different, try out these woodworking projects the whole family can enjoy.

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Bookshelves are handy and can be used for books, to displays things like toys or ornaments, or as storage. There are different options for building bookshelves; you can cut, sand, and stain different sized boards and mount them on the wall or you can make shadow boxes and paint them with cute designs. Alternatively, you can build a traditional bookcase with as many shelves as you like. The process is relatively simple, and the kids can definitely get involved by sanding, painting, staining, and even drilling holes (supervised of course). The options are endless with a project like this.

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Picture frames

Another child-friendly project is building picture frames. You can make different sized frames for your kids’ art projects or just use them for family photos. You don’t need any power tools for this; some nails and glue will do the trick. Everyone can make their own frame and then paint and stain them as they like. It’s one of best ways to showcase your family’s handiwork and encourage creativity.

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Stacking boxes

Stacking boxes are multi-purpose. They can be used for toys, as storage space, and even as tables or chairs. Putting the boxes together is quite simple, and the kids will definitely be able to help. They can also paint the boxes or decorate them. Not only is it a fun project but the boxes can also help keep their rooms tidy and organized.

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Bedroom door signs

If you want to add something unique to every room, have the family get together and make their own bedroom signs. Each person’s personality and style can come out in the design, wording, and decoration. There are so many different options. You can use a flat plank and paint it, or you can add small shelves, shapes, and cut-outs.

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Garden bench

A garden bench is an excellent project for the holidays. You can choose what type of wood you want to use and buy it pre-cut. Let the whole family give their input on what they think the bench should look like, and then put it together. You’ll need to use power tools for this job, but the kids can help with things like sanding, holding the wood in place, polishing, and staining. This is a woodworking project everyone will love.

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Wooden easel

Do your kids enjoy painting and drawing? If yes, we have the perfect woodworking project for you. A wooden easel. It’s a simple design that the entire family can work on, and the kids can help design it by adding a storage bin or a place to hold their brushes.

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A birdhouse is another fun project, and depending on the ages of the children, it can be a simple design or more complex. You can put together any pieces of wood that you have lying around to make a unique birdhouse design for each child. It can be as simple as a small wooden box, or it can include space for water, a feeder, or even a window! Let your kids design their own house with what you have around the house. You’ll be amazed at the designs they come up with!

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Baby mobiles

If you are expecting a new addition to the family, a baby mobile is a wonderful way to get everyone excited. Get the kids involved in making a baby mobile with animals, shapes, or whatever else they might like. Let them sand and paint and help you hang all the pieces.

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Wall-mounted hat rack

A hat rack can be used to hang coats, umbrellas, and hats in the entrance hall. To make one, you can use different sized wood pieces and hooks and paint them different colors. Mount them on the wall like you would a shelf to save space and keep your home tidy.

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Renovating old furniture

Get the whole family involved in renovating and revamping old furniture. There are loads of creative things you can do with old dressers, bookshelves, and chairs. Fix them up or give them a complete makeover. Not only are you recycling and saving the planet but you’re creating special memories with your family.

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Gift or pencil boxes

If your kids would like to make gifts themselves, gift or pencil boxes are a great idea. They’re easy to make, and smaller ones don’t need power tools, just some glue. Children can design the boxes and carve their names or add pictures. Then, they can stain or paint them any way they wish.

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Wooden tea tray

If you’re stumped for gift ideas for Mother’s Day, a wooden tea tray is an excellent idea. It’s easy to put together, and the kids can write or paint a message on it. You’ll make mom’s day by serving her breakfast in bed on it!

A DIY Family Is A Happy Family

These simple DIY woodworking projects are really great for the whole family. Woodworking is a fun and educational way to spend quality time together, and it encourages creativity. We’d love to see what you put together, so post photos or tell us all about it!

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