Wood furniture is one of the most classical decorations for any home, and just like how the food you have cooked yourself tastes better, the sentiment you have towards your furniture, house, and living space grows when you have built it yourself.

Not only that, but having full control over how your furniture looks—size, shape, color, intricate designs and all—emphasize the sense of control you have over your own space.

Going the extra mile of building your own furniture pieces is a skill that is more attainable than you might think, and we have compiled a list of great first pieces to make yourself.

1. Cooking utensils

While these don’t quite qualify as furniture, they are great for beginners.

Large wooden kitchen spoons and are a staple for your cooking space, either for practical use or decorum. They are ideal for mixing and stirring salad, soup, or pasta, and as they do not melt or conduct heat through their handles, they are ideal in the kitchen. And being small handheld utensils, they are easy to make without needing any electric power tools.

Wooden utensils can also be hung up on the walls around a kitchen as cooking decorum to help set the tone. Hanging up spoons, forks, and sporks above the stove or adjacent counters could serve as decoration as well as easy access for cooking, and their handmade, wooden quality will provide a bit of a rustic feel.

2. Lamps

The base of lamps can be of any aesthetic variety without impacting its function, making it a very fun piece of woodwork to utilize in designing and constructing. Lamps provide you with a lot of artistic freedom to make it as tall or short, wide or thin, minimalistic or elaborate as you desire.

Lamps are additionally very practical to construct so long as you also have the proper tools and materials. Lamp kits are available both online and in stores that market hardware supplies. Once you’ve constructed your hollow shell, attach your light bulb, lace the wire through the outer lamp, and follow the rest of the provided instructions to attach the pieces as needed.

3. Bar stools

Bar stools are a fun, rustic furniture piece that enable your kitchen space to feel more like a casual restaurant than a standard dining area. Paired with a bar-like countertop or simply a tall table, bar stools heighten any eating area’s sense of style. Setting up two to four against a bar or table provide the same service that an ordinary table would while redefining its connotation of class and fun.

As far as making them, it is a pretty straightforward process despite being one requiring of power tools.

If you are having trouble finding the right equipment for you, our reviews and guides can help you find the best power tools for your project. Aside from that, size and shape of the unit are entirely up to your vision as a designer.

Because a bar stool is something people will be sitting on, be sure to manufacture sturdy legs and a support between each set of legs for the safety of you and your house guests. While woodworking is a creative process, it is vital to remember that function and safety is still an imperative factor, due to the fact that so much of the art created is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

4. Coffee tables

Coffee tables, like bar stools, are easy to construct in that they are easily understandable and thus easy to replicate. Their construction will require some power tools, however.

Also, despite their simplicity, keep in mind that they, too, must be built with safety in mind. Coffee tables are less likely to be carrying the weight of a full-grown adult, you still want them to be sturdy, able to carry whatever load you may set down on it, and not easily knocked over.

The good news is, due to their structure, coffee tables can be very simply designed, with a large variety of options. It’s all about your preferences and skill level; you can keep it as simple or elaborate as you desire.

Once the legs are supportive and the surface of the tabletop is flat, engravings can be maneuvered into any portion of the furniture. Coffee tables can also be painted and further refined with stains or polish if you find it appropriate.

Constructing your own furniture is extremely rewarding and enjoyable, as it gives your space an even more personalized ambience. In fact, your very home begins to feel less like a place in which you live as much as it does a result of your own creation. It saves you money from buying more furniture, and helps you develop a healthy hobby that can grow and take pride in, and maybe even turn to profit, should you so desire.

Building your own furniture can be exciting and liberating if you run with the possibilities. It can also act as an aid to help you find and define the unique style that makes you, you! For help finding the best tools for your projects and learning about techniques and project ideas, be sure to check out our website.